Tatra banka / in partnership with Visa

Helping Tatra banka to reward its employees with NFTs

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Tatra banka, the most progressive bank in Slovakia wanted to reward its best employees with something very special, so we’ve figured out a solution which allows the bank’s employees to obtain their reward in the form of an NFT.


Every year, Tatra banka rewards its top employees with something special. Being the most innovative bank on the market, this year they wanted to dip their toes in the trending segment of blockchain, crypto and NFTs.


Our client VISA has approached us with a question – what’s the best way their client Tatra banka can reward employees through the blockchain and crypto? During a workshop with the VISA and Tatra banka, we brainstormed an idea together: Every year, Tatra banka Foundation awards artists for outstanding performance with a Muse award sculpture, so why not give out this outstanding performance award to employees as well? This time in the form of a Non-Fungible Token; aka NFTs.


Our approach

We needed to come up with a way to tokenize a physical art piece.

First off, we’d transfer the sculpture, which was originally created by the famous Slovak sculptor Daniel Brunovský, into a digital image. Then we’d divide it into 230 unique NFTs, one for every awarded employee.

After this solution was agreed, we held a development sprint with day-to-day client involvement and delivered the project on scope.

To execute this we created a unique algorithm to divide the artwork into 230 equal NFT parts. Then we designed the user experience of the giveaway journey – built a web application which mints NFTs to the Solana blockchain, allowing employees to get their unique NFT and put it into their crypto wallet.

Our approach

We also built a public website to promote the activity across the bank group, and created visuals and all the communication assets.

Final note: all 230 parts put together create the MUSE collection. And in the event if someone would own all 230 NFTs, the bank plans to reward them with the physical statue of the MUSE.

Alongside the positive feedback from the employees, this project actually inspired Tatra banka to hold a series of workshops regarding blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and NFTs for its employees.

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Creative thinking and ability to execute fast were key factors for the success of the project. B&T lab demonstrated both. Their expertise in the blockchain and NFTs in particular combined helped to design the experience that is both smooth and visually attractive. All that in a very short timeframe.
Hana Wasserburger
Head of VCA, Visa