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Designing financial products for e-shop owners

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A leading acquirer aimed to introduce new financial products, such as Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and insurance, to small and medium e-shops. We played a key role in designing these solutions.


Small and medium e-shop owners face challenges in competing with larger players due to the absence of crucial financial features, such as Buy Now Pay Later, insurance, and savings options, which could enhance the overall buying process for their customers.

Key Insight

Despite their desire to offer a comparable level of service and experience to customers as major players, smaller merchants struggle to secure competitive financial offerings from institutions and third-party providers. As a result, they seek partnerships to help create new services and generate additional revenue sources.



Initially, we gathered insights from users and e-shop owners to assess the availability of financial products and understand how they could enhance the buying experience, ultimately boosting sales and revenue. We pinpointed key pain points, concerns, and needs.

Through a series of workshops, we designed products like Buy Now Pay Later, Purchase Insurance, and Merchant Saving Accounts, considering both the business perspective and end-user experience. We explored the activation process for merchants, usage by customers on e-shops, and the overall customer experience.

We validated new products with both merchants and end customers. Finally, we refined the products and created an implementation roadmap.


The new financial products were successfully implemented throughout 2023 and made accessible to e-shop owners via the Global Payments merchant portal. A notable 30% of merchants reported increased purchase probability and heightened customer satisfaction when utilizing embedded finance products on their e-shops.

First of all, I would like to appreciate the professional approach of colleagues from B-t lab, whose services we used in creating and testing the client journey when introducing 2 new products. In the first step, the all-day workshop was very useful for us, where we had the opportunity, thanks to the mutual discussion, to harmonize the business proposal, as well as the design of business processes.

The result was a great level of understanding that resulted in the illustration of various prototypes.

The verification and tests of hypotheses with customers confirmed the correctness of the innovative direction, because in Global payments, we really care about news and their precise execution :)
Ing. Maroš Prekop