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Redesigning, rewriting and reorganising documents of Centropol energy company for making them simpler and easier to navigate


Since changing your provider has become easier, the energy market in the Czech Republic has become very competitive.

Centropol, who has been on the market for over 20 years, asked us to help them stand out from the competition, find a way to reach out to more customers, help them make the transition to Centropol smoother and make all paperwork more user friendly.

Key Insight

In cooperation with our creative division B—t Agency, we’ve conducted multiple market researches and market analyses. The main takeaway was that people genuinely dislike dealing with utility providers. They’re annoyed when a simple life necessity becomes a whole Kafka-esque ordeal. Customers want to have access to energy, pay for it in a simple way and save time to be otherwise and more pleasantly engaged.

That was a building block of the new approach of Centropol – becoming a human-centred company that sees energy as a service for people. A service which should simplify their lives while saving them money.



We focused on simplification of the process and the paperwork, on the transparency, understandability and accessibility of information to imply openness, communication and accountability on every level.

The biggest challenge for us was to keep the legal requirements and find a way to explain complex and untransparent information to customers in a simple way and not leave out the important parts.

Transparency is actually strength at the core level. Sharing ideas and information directly allows companies to get a new perspective, new opinions and better insight.


Using the new CX guidelines and the new corporate identity, we redesigned the entire client documentation; such as contracts, invoices, business terms and many more. We crafted them to be more human, transparent and accessible for both existing and new customers. Few outcomes of this extensive work were:

  • The language used within the documents is now more human and understandable
  • Amount of the information needed to sign a contract has been reduced to an absolute minimum
  • New customers always know what they have to do next, the process is very clear
  • Existing customers have a better view on their energy consumption and payments

Thanks to this extensive work, customers’ transition to Centropol and dealing with energy bills become way more painless.

Invoice old
Invoice new